Don't choose between Profit or Impact 

We offer investors the opportunity to invest in agricultural projects that generate both. Select the farm project you want to invest in, make the payment, and sit back and watch your farm grow knowing you are supporting a farmer. It is that easy. 

Our Projects

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Shrimp Farm - I 

4 months - €5.000

We provide the shrimp farmer with new technology and high quality feed.

Return on Funding


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Vegetable Farm - I

12 Months - €16.000

Over the period of 12 months, our vegetable farmers cultivate their lands thrice. 

Return on Funding


Fresh Flowers

Flower Farm - I


We are in negotiations with a collective of flower farmers for an upcoming project. 

Return on Funding


A New Way of Investing

The farmers we invest in are hand-picked by our experienced partners on the ground. We focus on small to medium-sized farmers who have outgrown their access to micro-credits from NGOs, but who are still too small for traditional finance. Farmstock makes working capital available and helps the farms use this credit effectively. This way we can ensure our farmers yield more, benefit more, and prosper more. Profit is shared fairly between farmer and investor.

Picking Weeds

Our Strategy

All projects are designed in cooperation with local farmer collectives on the ground who understand the region-specific needs.  We are not a simply a lender. It is our goal to provide inputs to help the farmer produce more of a higher quality and sell it for a higher price. 


High Quality Seeds and Fertilizer

By aggregating demand, we can go directly to the distributor of high quality seeds and fertilizer


Technological innovations

We work together with start-ups to provide technological innovations that make a big difference.

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Market Access

A lack of knowledge of supply chains leads many farmers to sell for a subpar price to a variety of middlemen

The Team

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