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Annualized Return on Investment


Duration of Investment 

12 months

Rahman's Black-Tiger Shrimp Farm

Bangladesh is one of the world’s largest producers of Black Tiger shrimp, locally known as badga. In collaboration with Farmer’s Market Asia, our pilot project Shrimp Farm I provides a collective of 5 shrimp farmers located in the coastal areas of the Khulna Province in Bangladesh with working capital and technological applications to improve their production and economic independence. The collective of farmers is managed by Nittyananda Mondol, commonly known in his village as Master-da. Nittyananda used to be a teacher in school, but when he noticed the poor practices of many farmers around him, he vowed to change that and set up a collective for shrimp farmers in the locality to come together and to help uneducated farmers improve their harvests. With support of your investment, the collective will purchase sensors for ensuring water quality and implement an e-traceability system that will allow the farmers to digitally monitor the needs of their shrimps, reducing common mistakes such as over-feeding. Additionally, this technology allows the farmers to prove the high-quality of their product to the large processor companies and obtain a higher price for the product. With your investment, the collective can produce better shrimps, reduce harvest loss, and receive a better price for the product. Profit is shared fairly between farmer and investor.

The investment plus 12% annualized return will be paid back after the duration of  1 year. Fund now from €100  upwards!

Total Investment